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Diamond Earrings

Buy Diamond Earrings Online

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled elegance and exclusivity with Maxi-Cash’s exquisite collection of diamond earrings. More than just mere accessories, these pieces are statements of sophistication that resonate through time. 

Our online collection features a diverse array of stunning diamond earrings in Singapore, curated to suit all types of preferences and events. Add a touch of glamour to your outfit and shine brightly in any room with the brilliance of our diamond earrings.

Our Diamond Earring Collection

Browse through our enchanting array of diamond earrings at Maxi-Cash, each a testament to timeless elegance and individual expression:

  • Stud Earrings: Classy and understated, these stud designs are perfect for everyday wear yet add subtle allure for special occasions.
  • Hoop Earrings: Make a statement with our diverse range of diamond hoop earrings, ranging from delicate loops to bold, eye-catching pieces.
  • Drop and Dangle Earrings: Add grace and sophistication to your ensemble with our drop and dangle earrings. Perfect for ladies who want to exude luxury. 
  • Unique and Themed Designs: Express your unique personality through an earring design that is distinctly yours. Showcase your singular style and effortlessly capture attention with a captivating accessory.

Understanding Diamond Quality

No matter if it is a diamond earring, ring or pendant, the key to buying diamond jewellery online is evaluating the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat). These factors play a crucial role in determining the value and beauty of the gems adorning your ears.

Cut: The cut in a diamond is not just about shape, it’s the craftsmanship that brings out the stone’s reflective qualities. A masterfully cut diamond captures and reflects light beautifully, making it an eye-catching accessory.

Colour: The colour of diamonds can vary from completely colourless to a slight yellow tint. The most sought-after diamonds are those with little to no colour, allowing them to glisten with unmatched brilliance.

Clarity: Clarity in diamonds refers to the absence of imperfections. Less visible inclusions mean a clearer, more radiant diamond. When selecting diamond earrings, look for clarity that complements the earring’s design, enhancing its overall allure.

Carat: The carat weight of a diamond is especially important in earrings as it can influence both appearance and comfort. The best diamond earrings balance carat weight with design, ensuring a luxurious look without compromising on wearability.

In addition to the 4Cs, consider the earring’s shape and setting. Popular shapes like round, princess, and oval each have their charm, while settings like stud, drop, or halo can transform the look of the earring, making each pair a unique testament to personal style.

Choose Maxi-Cash for Diamond Earrings

Maxi-Cash is the distinguished choice for diamond earrings that epitomise luxury and elegance in Singapore. Our collection is meticulously curated, with each pair undergoing rigorous quality checks by our expert team to ensure every diamond is authentic and meets our excellence standards. Whether for a classic look or a bold statement, our diverse range of exquisite earrings is designed to cater to every style and occasion.

Certification and Authenticity

Maxi-Cash guarantees the authenticity of each pair of diamond earrings. Instead of traditional certificates, we conduct rigorous quality checks to verify that every diamond is genuine. For added assurance, each purchase comes with a detailed tax invoice, providing peace of mind with every transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Earrings in Singapore

What warranty comes with diamond earring purchases?

Maxi-Cash takes pride in the quality of our diamond earrings. However, we do not offer a specific warranty for diamond earring purchases. We encourage customers to reach out to us directly regarding any concerns post-purchase, and our team will assist with any queries to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.

What is the return policy for diamond earrings?

Maxi-Cash does not offer returns or refunds for diamond earrings purchased through our e-Shop. However, we do offer an exchange option. If you wish to exchange your diamond earrings, please contact us at within 7 days of receipt. 

The conditions for an exchange are as follows:

  • The earrings must be in their original, unused state with no alterations.
  • All original tags and packaging must be intact.
  • The original invoice is required for the exchange process.

You may exchange your earrings for items of equal or lesser value. For items of higher value, the price difference will be charged. Please note that exchanges are subject to approval and may be declined if these conditions are not met.

Are there financing options for diamond earring purchases?

Yes, Maxi-Cash offers flexible financing options for your diamond earring purchases. Customers have the convenience of buying earrings online and opting for instalments via the following payment methods: Mastercard, VISA, GrabPay and MaxiPay. Bank instalment plans via DBS and HSBC are also available. These financing methods provide the ease of spreading the cost over a period, making your purchase more manageable.

How do I care for my diamond earrings?

To ensure the lasting beauty and brilliance of your diamond earrings, regular cleaning is key. Gently clean them with a solution of warm water and mild dish soap, using a soft toothbrush for gentle brushing. After cleaning, rinse and dry with a lint-free cloth. This routine helps in maintaining their sparkle.

For storage, keep your diamond earrings separate from other jewellery to avoid scratches, ideally in a fabric-lined jewellery box or a soft pouch. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals and engage in regular check-ups by a professional jeweller to ensure the settings remain secure. Handling your earrings by their edges rather than the diamond surfaces will help preserve their natural shine.

Participate in a lucky draw

Entries to the Dazzling Draw is only for valid transactions made from 12 April to 16 May. Every $600 spent (storewide including preloved gold, preloved gem set jewellery and LuxeSTYLE branded collections) will be entitled to one lucky draw chance, there is no limit to the number of chances.

Winners will be selected at random and notified via phone and results will be published on Maxi-Cash official Facebook Page on 31 May.


  • 1st Prize: 1.01ct True Carat Ring worth $8,248
  • 2nd Prize: 0.75ct True Carat Pendant worth $3,868
  • 3rd to 10th Prizes: 999 Pure Gold Petite Heart (1g) worth $148 each